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Collection de 





Canadian Institute for Historical Microraproductions / Institut Canadian da microraproduction. historiq 


Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes technique et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 


Coloured covers / 
Couvetture de couleur 

I 1 Covers damaged / 

' — ' Couverture endommagee 

I I Covers restored and/or laminated / 
— ' Couverture restaur6e et/ou pellicula 

I I Cover title missing / Le litre de couverture manque 

[ I Coloured maps / Cartes geographiques en couleur 

fyj Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 

Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

r^ Coloured plates and/or lllustratk)ns / 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

I I Bound with other material / 
— ' Relle avec d'autres documents 

I I Only edition available / 
' — I Seule edition disponible 

I I Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin / La reliure serr6e peut 
causer de I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de 
la marge interieure. 

[ I Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have 
been omitted from fUming / II se peut que certaines 
pages blanches ajout^es lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, torsque cela etait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas ete film^es. 

L'Institut a microfilme le meilleur examplaire qu'ii lui a 
ete possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-etre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modifications dans la meth- 
ode nonmaie de filmage sont indiqu6s ci-dessous. 

I [ Coloured pages/ Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommagees 

I 1 Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaurees et/ou pelliculdes 

[^ Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
^^^ Pages decolorees, tachetees ou piquees 

I I Pages detached / Pages d6tachees 

r^ Showthrough/ Transparence 

I I Quality of print varies / 

' — ' Qualite inegale de I'impression 

I [ Includes supplementary material / 

Comprend du materiel supplementaire 

I [ Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image / Les pages 
totalement ou partiellement obscurcies par un 
feuillet d'errata, une pelure, etc., ont et6 film6es 
a nouveau de fagon a obtenir la meilleure 
image possible. 

nn Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the 
best possible image / Les pages s'opposant 
ayant des colorations variables ou des decol- 
orations sont film^es deux fois afir d'obtenir la 
meilleur image possible. 


Additk>nal comments / 
Commentaires supplementaires: 

This item is film«d at the rtduction ratio chcckad below/ 

Ce document est filme au taux de reduction indiquc ct-dessous. 

'OX 14X 18X 









24 X 

28 X 


32 X 

Th« copy filmed h«r« ha* b««n raproductd thanks 
to the ganaroaity of: 

L'axamplaira film* fut raproduit grica A la 
g*n4roslt* da: 

National Library of Canada 

Bibliotheque nationals du Canada 

Tha imagas appaaring hara ara tha baat quality 
poMibIa conaidaring tha condition and lagibility 
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha 
filming contract spacif icationa. 

Las imagas suivantas ont M raproduitas avac la 
plus grand soin. compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nanat* da l'axamplaira film4, at an 
conformity avac laa conditions du contrat da 

Original copias in printod papar covara ara filmad 
beginning with tha front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illuatrated impree- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate All 
other original copiaa are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illuatrated imprea- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illuatrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol — ^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol ▼ (meaning "END"), 
whichever appliaa. 

Laa axemplairas originaux dont la couvartur* •n 
papier eat Imprimie sont film4s en commenqant 
par la premier plat at an tarminant soit par la 
darnlAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration. soit par la second 
plat, salon la eas. Tous las autras axemplaires 
originaux sont filmis ^n commenqant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impreasion ou d'illustration at an tarminant par 
la darniire page qui comporte une telle 

Un dec symboles suivants spparaitra sur la 
darniire image de cheque microfiche, salon la 
caa: la symbols -^»^signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbole ▼ signifie "FIN " 

Mapa, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Lea cartea. planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent itre 
filmis A des taux de riduction diffirents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour fttra 
raproduit en un seul clichi, il est filmA A partir 
da Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche A droite. 
et de haut en baa. en prenant le nombre 
d'imagea nicessaire. Las diagrammes suivants 
illustrant la mAthode. 













■ 2.8 


■ M 









III 2.0 


!!:i 1.6 


^^ 1553 Eost Main Stfeel 

^M Rochester. New York 1*609 USA 

^S (^'6) *82 - 03OO - Phone 

^= (716) 288- 5989 - Fc 

atlantp:an lyrics 

Wilfred Campboll 


. \ 



>A 5 2 A'U 
« * If 

iJbiyy 'v 


ow <i re-reattitig of :mrta of the Old l\xtament. 
•dedicated ..- Hi, Kcvd. W. l»oyU-<A.r|ienuri 

Sublimity 'Sublimity'. I lay thee down: 
Great Volume of the t/e.i • older far 

Than Cheops' "vramid or tlio Parthenon; 
And yet ?» new as yesteriv en's star. 

That came and burned so bright uiid pure, ucrns!« 
The world's ^reat weanntvts and day's decline 

What are all earth's ambitions, vcain and loss, 
Her hopes ephcme al; when thou art mine? 

Thou stand'st, a crystal well of water pure. 

Amid those fevered fonts of heathen wine. 
Graven in truth's deep rock that shall endure. 

So greatly human, yet so all divine ! 

This age doth press upon me like a vast, 
Grim adamantine wall of evil doom ; 

But V hen I drink thy livins; draught, I cast 
Aside this vesture of mnterial gloom ; 

These curtains of mortality fall apart; 

And out. and up. beyond, eternally. 
Those stairway of God's ages; and man's part 

In all that greatness, gone, and yet to be! 




Zht Baugfjttr o( Cartti 

iler cheeks have nil the Tvrlan dye , 
Like Sprinic when alt her windst arc south ; 

All mystery dwells in hor eyes. 
And all love's witcheries round her mouth ; 

Which is a wondrous Cupid's how, 

Full sweet and ripe; maturity 
Of scarlet honey hilled in snow. 

Whereon a god miKht clin|{ and die. 

Her hair. It is of sunlixht spun. 

And beechen copper round her hrow : 

tier face! Who can express it? One 
Needs all the skill love can endow. 

To picture all Its ' -rfect curves. 
And marbled (-a. ', rose of dawn. 

Where miscinef tu \s, or pri<le reserves 
The beauty of tn .- startled f;iw n. 

Her eyes, a universe alone. 

Like opnls flamed with velvet fire: 

Wlierc all unconscious on his throne, 
/. nod unwaked, sltcps yount; Desire. 

And when I k;i/i; upon hor, I 

All other seiist- of life forget, 
Al' tear and hate, all memory. 

All sense of pain and old rcKret; 

All save that hour, immortal woe! 

Down the lon^ centuries that blur, 
Beside Atlantis' slopes of snow. 

When I, a youna jjod, gazed on her; 

And knew her first, that woeful dream 
Of fear, joy, beauty, lure ar d mirth ; 

Compounded rich of bole and xleam 
Lxquisite essence of all earth; — 

The while Atlantis' peak r-^ared high. 
And all great Ocean's stream ran round ; 

And Heaven and Earth death's ecstasy. 
And immort dity had found.